Lift Assist Device Solves Challenges in the Baking Industry

07 December 2017

A TAWI lift assist device is the solution to the challenges within the industrial baking industry.

Without a lift assist device, the industrial baking industry faces many challenges. Manually lifting bags of ingredients, tilting and emptying containers, and placing ingredients into machines or manufacturing areas can be hazardous labor. An ergonomic TAWI lift assist device solves these challenges.
TAWI lift assist device in a chocolate factory.

A VacuMove lift assist device can lift, place, split and empty bags of ingredients.

The manual lifting of bags of ingredients is often a hazard due to the awkward grip. The TAWI ergonomic VacuMove is specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual bag lifting. It is strong, compact, versatile equipment designed to make quick work of handling air tight bags of ingredients that can weigh up to 600 lbs. This lift assist device is available in stainless steel for clean room environments and secures bags of all sizes to lift, move, and hold them into place in total safety.

lift assist device

A Protema lift assist device can tilt and empty containers carrying baking ingredients.

The TAWI ergonomic Protema unit solves challenges in the baking industry as well. It is available in stainless steel and there are various tilt and empty tools that can be designed with it to meet the requirements of industrial bakeries. This lift assist device can grip containers full of ingredients from the sides, lift them, turn them and empty them into machines that are along the manufacturing line.

Lift Assist Device

An ergonomic TAWI lift assist device is easy to install and can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. The VacuMove and Protema units are both a thoroughly proven to meet the highest standards of functionality and safety. This Smart Lifting solves the challenges within the industrial baking industry.

An Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Improves Bag Lifting

22 November 2017

A TAWI vacuum lifter improves the process of bag lifting in the baggage handling area.

It's that time of year again for heavy traveling and when baggage flow rates will be high in baggage handling areas. This area plays a crucial role in keeping travelers happy and moving bags quickly and efficiently is crucial. As a result, the risk of injuries due to potentially hazardous manual lifting increases. Shoulder injuries from heavy bag lifting are the most common of injuries. But an ergonomic vacuum lifter will remove the strain of this laborious work, thus eliminating manual bag lifting and injuries.

Bag lifting is easy, safe and fast with the TAWI VacuCobra vacuum lifter.

Bag lifting is an area which has traditionally included lots of heavy lifting. With that in mind, TAWI designed the VacuCobra vacuum lifter to speed up frequent bag lifting and make quick work of handling a lot of baggage.

Bag Lifting Vacuum Lifter

The vacuum force of the VacuCobra vacuum lifter secures the suction cup, instantly attaching to and holding onto baggage weighing up to 110 lbs. This allows for total safety when bag lifting.

Bag lifting with a VacuCobra vacuum lifter is an ergonomic, one-handed operation.

The VacuCobra is a strong, compact, versatile piece of equipment that rotates to achieve the highest possible precision of bag lifting. It includes a bottom swivel and an angle adapter that insures full freedom of motion. A detachable quick-release function saves time when releasing baggage too. Also, the one-handed fingertip control on the vacuum lifter is easily adjusted to suit right and left-handed operators. Additionally, a lightweight aluminum jib crane provides a safe and smooth operation. Now that’s what we call Smart Lifting!

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Box Lifter with Portable Lifting Device

20 November 2017

Ergonomic Box Lifter With Portable Lifting Device

A portable lifting device is ideal when you need a box lifter to move around over large areas and reach into racks to pick up goods. It is fitting for distribution centers that don't have a centralized conveyor system. The TAWI VacuMove box lifter with portable forklift attachment is a thoroughly proven system meeting the highest standards of functionality and safety.

Portable Lifting Device

The suction foot on the VacuMove box lifter holds the load securely in place until it has reached the floor. The lifting tube is suspended on a swivel and can be operate in 360 degrees. An investment in a TAWI portable lifting device pays for itself as it is easy to install and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different industries.

Box Lifter Portable Lifting Device

In the above picture, the VacuCobra box lifter is mounted to a forklift. Its 3-phase vacuum pump is powered by the forklift battery. This portable lifting device is adaptable to any forklift brand and battery type. The VacuCobra box lifter is designed to speed up frequent lifting and shifting of boxed goods that weigh up to 110 lbs. High precision is achieved with a swivel function integrated in both the top and bottom of the tube lifter. The 360 degree rotation makes it easy to position goods without straining the shoulders and back when lifting the boxes.

Click here for a video of our box lifter powered by a portable lifting device.

TAWI's lifting equipment has been certified for their back-friendly construction.

Back Friendly Lifting Equipment

TAWI manufactures products specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual handling. The AGR seal of approval is awarded to products that had their back friendly construction tested by medical and scientific experts. TAWI is proud to have been certified for our VacuCobra, VacuMove and ViperHoist!

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Lifting Equipment Made Easy

08 November 2017

TAWI's lifting equipment is ergonomic and reliable, designed to streamline the manual handling of goods in any industry. Our lifting equipment is designed with the user in mind, because we believe in making lifting easy for everyone.

Lifting Equipment for Heavy Lifting

TAWI vacuum lifters can handle all types of goods, lifting up to 600 lbs. Giving everyone in the work place the power to lift this weight is a great way of increasing efficiency and flexibility in your operations. When anyone can do the heavy lifting, you avoid unnecessary down-time and secure productivity, no matter who is operating the lifting equipment. Read More...
TAWI Vacuum Lifter
TAWI VacuMove - Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Roll Handling Lifting Equipment

Our Protema lifting equipment is easy to maneuver and push forward making it almost effortless to transport goods to the intended location. This is a great tool for mounting rolls on machine axis.
TAWI Roll Handling Equipment
TAWI Protema - Roll Handling Lifting Equipment

Precise Lifting Equipment

Handling long aluminum profiles with speed and precision can be accomplished using TAWI's hoist lifting equipment. This hoists are available in two models, lifting up to 130 lbs for quick handling or 260 lbs for lifting heavier goods. Read More...
TAWI Hoist Lifting Equipment
TAWI ViperHoist - Hoist Lifting Equipment

Back-Friendly Lifting Equipment

TAWI's vacuum lifters and hoist lifting equipment have been awarded with the AGR Certificate in recognition for manufacturing back-friendly products. The safety of your employees is our number one priority. Learn More...

TAWI Back-Friendly Equipment Recognition

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Gantry Cranes Save Time & Prevent Injuries

01 November 2017

TAWI USA is proud to be featured in the latest issue of MHI Solutions magazine. Our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mike Lee, explains the benefits of using a gantry crane system.

Products are moved around within a facility constantly. When workers lift and carry the products manually, they become susceptible to serious risk of injury. Additionally, if the items are exceptionally heavy, it may take multiple workers to perform these tasks. A safer and more economical way to move products around is by using a gantry crane system.

A gantry crane system consists of overhead metal tracks combined with lift assists, cranes and vacuum lifting systems. Gantry crane systems can lift heavy weights but are also popular for lifting as little as 20 pounds.

TAWI provides a gantry crane system consisting of an aluminum track that can be used to move lighter products. Employers would rather their workers not lift products of any weight, in order to prevent injury. With the lighter goods, TAWI provides gantry crane systems and lift assists that are extremely fast, lightweight and compact in size.

Gantry Cranes Reduce Injuries & Manpower

These gantry crane systems help reduce injuries by taking away the manual lifting part of the job and by making the gantry crane systems just as light and easy to use as possible. Workers go from a huge injury potential to almost an elimination of any risk.

TAWI lifts can make the job faster and the operator more productive, but the safety aspect is the driving force behind the investment for a gantry crane system. Gantry crane systems are easy to understand and operate and operators pick up the use of the lightweight gantry crane systems right away. Jobs that formerly took two workers can be done by one in less time than before.

Using systems to do both heavy lifting and repetitive light lifting saves workers time and potential pain.

Read more about our feature in MHI Solutions magazine and click here for more information on TAWI crane systems.

Lift and Rotate Wood Panels with Ease Using TAWI Lifting Equipment

25 October 2017

The Wood Industry Depends on TAWI Lifting Equipment

Lift wood panels using a TAWI VacuMove

Lifting heavy wood panels and moving large sheets with weights up to 500 lbs is very common in the lumber industry. TAWI's lifting equipment is an ingenious solution to a very common problem within any wood handling industry. 

The VacuMove lifting equipment will lift sheets and panels of all material and dimensions safely. By choosing a flexible, extended handle, based on the dimensions of the panel, the operator can control the transportation at a comfortable and safe distance. 

Tilting wood panels often involves tilting the sheet wood from a horizontal to a vertical position. By adding an angle adapter and handle to your TAWI lifting equipment, the suction foot can grip from a horizontal position and tilt to a vertical position, a 90 degree manual tilt which uses very little manual force. Power loss does not cause any problems and our lifting equipment is ensured that the goods are lowered to the ground in a controlled manner. 

The operator easily turns the panel from horizontal to vertical position using very little force thanks to a balanced tool. The turning motion is manual. A release valve is used to simplify the release of the suction cup grip on the panel.

Rotate your sheet goods with a TAWI VacuMove
TAWI manufactures products specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual handling. The lifting equipment at TAWI is strong, compact, versatile equipment designed to make quick work of handling many different loads weighing up to 600 lbs.

TAWI USA has been supplying lifting equipment since 1979. We have installed over 150,000 units in 60 countries, and offer 10 models to choose from with capacities ranging from 40 to 600 lbs. TAWI's line of lifting products can be custom designed for your needs to help reduce your lifting related injuries as well as speed up your production line.

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Electric Lifts Increase Efficiency, Safety and Ergonomics

18 October 2017

Introducing a New Generation of Ergonomic Electric Lifts

Versatile and Efficient Electric Lifts

Our new series of Protema electric lifts can be used for ergonomic handling of rolls, drums, boxes, crates and more. These electric lifts, handling goods up to 550lbs, streamline the handling of rolls and drums, saving both money and resources while contributing to a safe and ergonomic working environment. They are also available in stainless steel, making them ideal for use in sensitive environments such as food and pharmaceutical industries.

TAWI Electric Lift
TAWI Protema Electric Lift EasySqueeze

Using TAWI electric lifts means that large and heavy goods can be handled by one single person, saving valuable time and resources for your business. The challenge of increasing productivity and ergonomics at the same time is increasingly important for more and more companies and our focus is to help you achieve this.

Safe and Reliable Electric Lifts

The Protema electric lifts provide safe and precise work with QuickLoad, which means an effortless and precise positioning of rolls when loading and unloading. These electric lifts are also equipped with SafeDrive; a safety mechanism ensuring that if a tool hits an object during lowering, it will stop immediately. All Protema lifts are belt driven, resulting in safe, quiet and smooth oil free drive.

TAWI Electric Lift
TAWI Protema Electric Lift Core Gripper

Goods can be easily picked up with no physical effort for the operator. Handling difficult and heavy goods such as large rolls is easy with Protema electric lifts. No heavy lifting and no uncomfortable strain on the body means no more aching shoulders, backs and knees.

The new generation of TAWI's Protema Electric Lifts ensures safe and efficient handling of rolls in any industry.

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Quick Lifting for Suppliers and Manufacturers of Packaging Technology

11 October 2017

TAWI USA recently exhibited our quick lifting equipment at the 2017 Pack Expo in Las Vegas.

The Pack Expo unites the world of packaging and processing and is North America's largest gathering of suppliers and manufacturers of the packaging technology. The trade show offers innovations for every vertical market and sales representatives from TAWI USA were there to demonstrate our quick lifting solutions.

Quick lifting equipment
TAWI's new generation of Protema lifting equipment.

On display was TAWI's new generation of ergonomic lifting equipment. The Protema quick lifting solution will increase efficiency, safety and ergonomics in the work place. Each are equipped with a safety mechanism ensuring that if a tool hits an object during lowering, it will stop immediately. Also, the modular construction makes it easy to adjust the lifting equipment for various applications, up to 550 lbs. The ergonomic design of the lifting equipment minimizes the strain on backs, knees and shoulders as well. The Protema is also equipped with a detachable battery pack, making quick lifting very efficient.

Click here for more information on TAWI's quick lifting Protema equipment.

Lifting equipment
The TAWI USA booth at Pack Expo 2017 exhibiting quick lifting solutions.

Additionally on exhibit at Pack Expo was the TAWI VacuMove - the original quick lifting vacuum lifter. There are many installation options with the VacuMove, including an option to suspend the VacuMove from a jib crane or crane system, which are available in aluminum and stainless steel. The lift arm or bridge crane suspends the lift tube and is available in various lengths and capacities. The quick lifting VacuMove can handle almost any type of load and application, up to 600 lbs.

Click here for more information on TAWI's quick lifting Vacuum Lift equipment.

TAWI's lifting equipment has been facilitating ergonomic material handling for decades, and by customizing our solutions to your specific needs we can guarantee that they will help lift your business.

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Choose a TAWI Hoist for Efficient and Safe Lifting

05 October 2017

TAWI ViperHoist - A Wire Hoist with Customized Tools

The TAWI ViperHoist offers functional design and safe handling for various types of applications. Some of those applications include roll handling, automobile parts, aluminum profiles, plastic containers, wooden pallets, electrical cabinets and many more. The hoist is available for quick lifting up to 132 lbs and also for heavier lifting up to 265 lbs., offering a quick and smooth operation. It is also easy to install and requires very little maintenance.

TAWI ViperHoist
ViperHoist - TAWI Wire Hoist
The ViperHoist can be equipped with a quick coupling, enabling the operator to attach any tool to the hoist. Available tools for the include hooks, vacuums, clamps and other customized tools. Using this hoist allows the operator to lift various types of goods from different angles, rather it be from the side, above, turned or tilted. The operator can also separate the handle from and combine it with an angle adapter for more flexibility and various positioning.

The handles on the ViperHoist are ergonomically designed to provide ease, comfort and smooth movement while operating. The handles are available in different options such as a standard, one handed pistol grip, a joystick control dual and adjustable joystick control. The operator can choose at any point how fast or slow the hoist needs to move with the variable speed control. This is ideal for situations involving various speeds and precise movements.

Hoist control buttons and joystick with hook
Hoist Control Buttons and Joystick with hook
on the TAWI ViperHoist

There are several options when customizing the hoist to suit your needs:

Rolls of tube can be lifted using a pneumatic clamping tool. The tool clamps the roll from the outside and then the hoist lifts the entire roll. The ViperHoist can then be equipped with a dual joystick control handle for safe and flexible operation.
Hoist with coregripper
Hoist with coregripper

A fork tool can be included for lifting wooden pallets. This application is one of the most popular tools, making the difficult manual handling of pallets very easy. The forks are placed under the pallet and smoothly lifted individually. The quick operation and distinct braking action simplifies the positioning of goods.

Burlap and canvas bags can be lifted using a hook tool on the hoist. This is very common in

Lifting pallets with hoist
Lifting pallets with hoist
the coffee and tea manufacturing. For natural reasons, burlap and canvas bags cannot be lifted with a standard vacuum lifting solution. The twin hook tool can be combined with the ViperHoist to lift the burlap and canvas bags.

The ViperHoist is perfect for many areas of the automotive production such as the assembly of batteries, lifting tires, car seats and many more

Lifting tires with ViperHoist
The hoist is used to lift tires
Large bundles of paper bags, using a special tool equipped with two hooks on each side can be lifted. The straps of the bags are grabbed by the hook on each side and lifted. 

A tool commonly used in the packaging and distribution areas within the production process, is lifting several plastic containers simultaneously. The operator manually places the hooks under each handle and lifts the containers using the one handed pistol grip. The hoist is effective, precise and designed to handle several plastic containers at the same time.

ViperHoist with clamp for lifting batteries
Hoist with clamp for lifting batteries

The ViperHoist including a fork tool is used for lifting large aluminum profiles, weighing up to 265 lbs. Two hoists can be used to lift the aluminum, one on each end. They can then be mounted on a special crane system with wall brackets, steel gantry tracks and aluminum bridge tracks. An additional quick coupling tool can enable more flexibility and the use of several different tools on the same hoist.

The TAWI ViperHoist, is a flexible and fast hoist, making it your best choice for efficient and safe handling. The high quality, great flexibility and low cost makes it easy to choose for the solution to your material handling needs. The ViperHoist was designed with the customer in mind. With our customized tooling options, operators are able to handle a variety of applications.

Lifting Solutions for the Food Industry

26 September 2017

TAWI's lifting solutions were recently displayed at the 2017 Process Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

The Process Expo is a global food equipment and technology show hosted by The Food Processing Suppliers Association and our staff was on hand to demonstrate our WDA Certified, stainless steel lifting solutions.
Lifting Solutions
TAWI VacuMove Lifting Solution
On display at the Process Expo was our VacuMove, the original vacuum lifter that lifts, lowers, rotates and tilts loads. It is a versatile lifting solution that is simple to adjust and customize. The flexible vacuum lifter can lift sacks, boxes, sheets, panels, crates, bales, drums and much more up to 600 lbs. With this lifting solution, you can achieve a combination of efficiency and ergonomics that cannot be matched by any other lifting system.
Lifting Solutions
TAWI Protema Lifting Solution
Also on display at Process Expo were our Protema lifters. These electric lifters are easy to maneuver and push forward making it almost effortless to transport goods to the intended location. You can pick up goods from a vertical or horizontal position, rotate, transport, turn and release with minimum effort using this lifting solution. The challenge of increasing productivity and ergonomics at the same is increasingly important for more and more companies in the food industry.
TAWI's equipment is the lifting solution to a more safe and effective handling of goods for the food industry. Contact us today for more information.

WDA Certified Vacuum Lifts

20 September 2017

TAWI's WDA Certified Vacuum Lifts have helped lift the food industry for many years and it has given us an in-depth understanding of the special demands made in the industry.

September is National Food Safety Month and is a topic that's important to everyone.

Food safety is not just the responsibility of one person, but it takes the entire team working together to make sure food is handled safely. Stainless steel units are often requested in the food industry. We understand the high standards of hygiene that permeate the food industry and we offer a wide range of stainless steel vacuum lifts, well adapted for use in clean and sterile environments, that are WDA Certified.

WDA Certified Vacuum Lift
TAWI WDA Certified TAWI Vacuum Lift

The TAWI VacuMove vacuum lifts are thoroughly proven systems meeting the highest standards of functionality and safety. The vacuum lifts are easy to install and adjusts to suit the requirements of different industries.

Food safety is now synonymous with an operation's reputation. There are many parts that make up an operation’s food safety culture, such as modeling behaviors and training. These pieces combined help to build a strong foundation of food safety culture in your operation.

WDA Certified Vacuum Lift
TAWI WDA Certified Vacuum Lift

TAWI vacuum lifts are strong, compact, versatile pieces of equipment designed to make quick work of handling many different loads weighing up to 600lbs and are approved to lift unwrapped foods. Here at TAWI, we can also offer suction cups approved by the FDA. A custom-made stainless steel application without any screws between the operator's handle and suction cup makes it easy to keep clean. This can be combined with a lift hose manufactured according to FDA specifications.

You have responsibilities to your operation, your managers and coworkers, and your customers. The best way to meet those responsibilities is to keep the food you handle safe and build a foundation of food safety culture in your operation.

TAWI vacuum lifts secure goods of all shapes and sizes to lift and move in total safety.

Contact us today for more information on our WDA Certified Vacuum Lifts.

Ergonomic Lifting Solutions

15 June 2017

TAWI Provides Ergonomic Lifting Solutions in the workplace.

Here at TAWI USA, our products are ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on backs, knees and shoulders and at the same time create a more safe and effective handling of goods. Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.

Ergonomic Lifting Equipment

With TAWI’s ergonomic lifting solutions, it is easy to lift, move, tilt and rotate loads in all kinds of environments. Improved ergonomic lifting solutions and increased efficiency also contribute to reduced costs for our customers.
  • Our VacuMove system has the capacity to lift up to 600 lbs with ease and efficiency without causing any strain to your back. We handle goods of all shapes, sizes and weights.
  • Our battery operated Protema offers mobility and ease of lifting an array of products including: turning rolls, drums, and handling boxes with capacites up to 440 lbs.
Workplace efficiency can be improved dramatically with solid ergonomic lifting solutions that offer ways to keep employees safe, stay effective, speed production process, and save companies time and money.At TAWI USA, we work to raise awareness of Safe Lifting.

Contact us today for more information about our Ergonomic Lifting Solutions.

TAWI USA Welcomes Ryan Porter to Our Sales Team

08 May 2017

Ryan PorterWe are pleased to introduce Ryan Porter who has recently joined the TAWI sales team as the Regional Manager for our South territory.

Ryan is a graduate of Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Prior to joining TAWI, Ryan had worked in the manufacturing industry as a sales rep allowing him to advance his communication and management skills.

As a Regional Manager, Ryan's goal is to strategize with his clients to meet their needs and lead them to a safer, ergonomic lifting working environment.

We are confident that Ryan will fulfill his role to the best of his ability. Welcome aboard Ryan!

Next Generation Ergonomic Lifting Trolleys

05 May 2017

Today we're launching a new series of electric lifting trolleys for ergonomic handling of reels, drums, boxes, crates and more. Their modular construction allows for easy adaptation to varying needs and applications. The trolleys, handling goods up to 550lbs, streamline the handling of reels and drums, saving both money and resources while contributing to a safe and ergonomic work environment.


Our electric lifting trolleys have helped create an efficient, ergonomic, and safe work environment in everything from food- to car manufacturing for decades. The new generation trolleys being launched today will contribute to further streamlining and improving ergonomics in industries worldwide. That's what we call smart lifting for efficient and ergonomic businesses!

The global hygiene and forest products company SCA is one of our many happy customers. Their production unit in Falkenberg, Sweden was among the first to try the new ergonomic lifting trolleys. You can read more about their experience here.

Smart Lifting

01 May 2017

TAWI has been producing innovative lifting solutions for the food industry for many years. We understand the food industry, and we know how to lift smart. That is why we can provide optimal lifting solutions, securing safe, ergonomic and efficient lifting for food manufacturing facilities. With our thorough understanding of the food industry, and decades of experience of smart lifting, we can offer bespoke solutions for your every need.

Our ergonomic vacuum lifters can be equipped with tools for lifting sacks of different materials, frozen foods, or vacuum-packed goods, just to mention a few.

Protema electric trolleys are commonly used in the food industry and the Coregripper is one of our most popular tools, often used to lift and install reels in packaging machines.

Learn more about our solutions for the food industry here or Contact us for more information.

TAWI USA Welcomes Bob DeBusk to Our Sales Team

24 April 2017

We are pleased to introduce Bob Debusk who has recently joined the TAWI sales team as the Regional Manager for our Southeastern territory.

Prior to joining TAWI, Bob had worked in the printing industry where his work required him to manage his sales accounts and communicate effectively with his customers.

As a Regional Manager, Bob's goal is to help his customers discover areas of improvement with the use of our Smart Lifting equipment.

We are confident that Bob will be a great addition to the TAWI team!

Solutions For The Food Industry

20 April 2017

We at TAWI have helped lift the food industry for many years and it has given us an in-depth understanding of the special demands made in the industry. 

Today we can offer many flexible and ergonomic solutions for easy handling of cartons, sacks and other types of containers commonly found in the food industry. We understand the high standards of hygiene that permeate the food industry and we offer a wide range of stainless steel lifting solutions, well adapted for use in clean and sterile environments.

Here at TAWI, we can also offer suction cups approved by the FDA. A custom-made stainless steel application without any screws between the operator's handle and suction cup makes it easy to keep clean. This can be combined with a lift hose manufactured according to FDA specifications and available for models VM120 and VM160.

You can read more about our solutions for the food industry here.

We are constantly working to develop new solutions for ergonomic and safe lifting to improve the working environment for many people. If you need help finding a solution for your needs, contact us today!

Great solutions for the wood processing industry

22 February 2017

At TAWI, our focus is not on products, but on providing solutions to your specific needs. Our devoted team of skilled design engineers work closely together with our experienced installation engineers to design and manufacture customised products that meet your specific requirements.

Here is one special solution that our engineers produced for a customer who needed to handle wooden planks up to 10 meters. A TAWIGrip is mounted on  a Lyftman steel crane system, installed on wooden beams with extensions and struts to reach the desired level of suspension for the crane system and the tool. The tool, combined with an electrical chain trolley, is equipped with four suction cups and a fully integrated handle. This allows the operator to easily transport the large planks to a saw machine, using the TAWIGrip tool. Easy, ergonomical, and efficient.

See the system in action here.

Speaking of wood, we have also developed some great solutions for lifting and tilting big wooden sheets, doors etc. With an extended, flexible handle, adapted to the size of the sheet, the operator can easily control the load from a comfortable and safe distance.

In this specific solution, the TAWIGrip is suspended in a Lyftman under-braced jib arm, allowing the operator to move their 80 kg wooden doors easily, even though the working area is small and ceiling height is low.

The door is gripped and picked up from a vertical position and tilted 90 degrees into a horizontal position. It is rotated 90 degrees in the horisontal plane and then tilted to be placed in vertical position in the rack.

TAWIGrip vacuum gripper is an ergonomical solution for lifting, tilting and rotating sheet metal, glass and laminated panels. With a safe, two-handed release function, easy to use control board and a light weight design it makes heavy lifting easy.

Learn more about TAWIGrip solutions here.

SEB Private Equity new majority owner of TAWI

13 January 2017

SEB Private Equity is the new growth partner for TAWI.

The investment fund SEB Private Equity Opportunity III has invested in TAWI Holding AB and is the new majority shareholder. SEB PE invests behind TAWI's leading position in an attractive niche market within material handling and will continue to support TAWI on its impressive growth trajectory and further internationalize its operations. 

"We are convinced that SEB PE, with its heritage from being a part of SEB, provide valuable knowledge and expertise in enabling companies to expand globally and build robust organizations with focus on long-term values. SEB PE as a new owner will inject new energy to TAWI's already strong organization and unique culture", says Leif Emblad, previous owner and member of the board of directors. 

"With it's strong market position and unparalleled customization and solutions offering, TAWI is well positioned to further grow with new and existing customers and we strongly believe that SEB PE can offer the support needed to continue the company´s growth story", says Magnus Ramström, Investment Director of SEB PE. 

"I am very impressed with TAWI's organization, innovative development combined with a clear sales focus and entrepreneurial culture. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with yet another astounding example of Swedish exporting industrial company that has established itself as a market leader within a global niche market", says Christer Nilsson, new Chairman of the board of TAWI Holding AB.