03 March 2016

Coca-Cola Customer Spotlight: Do you need to handle rolls of film in a safe and efficient manner?  The Coc-Cola plant in Illinois did.  Lifting 200lbs on and off spindles is no easy task.  Our solution, a TAWI PRO120 mobile lift with an attachment that grabs the roll by its core and rotates it from vertical to horizontal!  TAWI..... Smart Lifting!

Lyftman telescopic crane system

27 January 2016

Workplaces with limited operational space and low headroom are no problem for TAWI lifting equipment. For example, Lyftman crane system combined with a telescopic girder can provide an optimal solution.

A telescopic design offers limitless possibilities to reach areas that would otherwise not have been possible to reach due to various obstacles. For video and more information about all Lyftman crane systems click here.

29 June 2015

Tilting Wood Panels often involves tilting the sheet wood from a horizontal to a vertical position. By adding an angle adapter and handle to the vacuum lifter, the suction foot can grip from a horizontal position and tilt to vertical position, a 90 degree manual tilt which uses very little manual force. Power loss does not cause any problems, the vacuum system will make sure that the goods are lowered to the ground in a controlled manner. This system covers a total of 5 working stations.