Anyone Can Lift with a Vacuum Lifter

08 February 2018

Versatile and flexible vacuum lifter

TAWI has been facilitating ergonomic vacuum lifters for decades, and by customizing our solutions to your specific needs we can guarantee that they will help lift your business. The VacuMove is a leading manual lifter that will lift, lower, move and turn most types of goods in all possible environments and working conditions. It is safe and reliable, commonly used in manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals.

vacuum lifter for boxes

The VacuMove is available in 12 models for lifting bags, boxes, sheets, panels, crates, bales, drums and much more, with capacities up to 600 lbs. A wide selection of handles and suction feet helps customize the vacuum lifter to meet your needs, allowing you to lift from the top, from the side, or whatever suits your needs.

Boost efficiency and lower your costs with a vacuum lifter

Using a TAWI vacuum lifter means that large and heavy goods can be handled by one single person, saving valuable time and resources for your business. The challenge of increasing productivity and ergonomics at the same time is increasingly important for more and more companies. Our focus is to help you achieve this.

vacuum lifter for bags

A vacuum lifter will keep your employees safe 

Lifting should be easy and safe in all possible working conditions, for both the operator and the product. Goods are easily picked up with no physical effort for the operator by using a TAWI vacuum lifter. No heavy lifting and no uncomfortable strain on the body means no more aching shoulders, backs and knees.

vacuum lifter for drums and kegs

Increase ergonomics using a vacuum lifter

Good ergonomics is an effective way of making your business more productive and profitable. Extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load, and by using the vacuum lifter to hold and lift the load.

The VacuMove has been certified by Aktion Gesunder Rücken (Campaign for Healthier Backs). The AGR seal of approval awards products that had their back-friendly construction tested by an independent review panel of medical and scientific experts.

vacuum lifter back friendly certification

With a TAWI vacuum lifter, you achieve a powerful combination of efficiency, safety and ergonomics that will boost your business. It is an efficient lifting solution, including everything you need to optimize your manual handling of goods. We call this Smart Lifting!

Lifting Solutions for Cleanroom Environments

01 February 2018

TAWI ergonomic lifters are the most popular lifting solutions for cleanroom environments.

Choosing between lifting solutions that also meets cleanroom requirements can be challenging because the requirements vary depending on each industry. These demands sometimes apply in the pharmaceutical industry, bio technique, solar industry, semiconductor industry, automotive industry, cosmetics industry, food industry and optical industry. Some areas areas demand fully integrated air handling systems while others deal in reference to temperature and humidity. A TAWI ergonomic lifter is designed to meet all of these demands.

Vacuum lifting solutions in stainless steel configuration are suitable in cleanroom environments.

The VacuMove in stainless steel is a lifting solution used for cleanroom environments. These areas are typically maintained to an appropriate cleanliness standard and supplied with air which has passed through filters of an appropriate efficiency.

The manufacturing of sterile products can be carried out in cleanrooms, entry to which can be through airlocks for personnel and/or for equipment and materials. Lifting in high demand areas often include a stainless steel configuration with the vacuum pump at another location.

Stainless steel ergonomic electric lifting solutions are designed to operate in the most demanding environments and to withstand the rigorous sanitary requirements within cleanroom areas.

The Protema ergonomic electric lifter is also designed to be used in cleanroom environments with high demand on cleanliness. This lifting solution is motorized and can be hosed down. It is also extremely easy to keep clean and is not sensitive to dampness.

All tools are equipped with fast coupling for increased flexibility and fast change of equipment. The handle and control are carefully designed to achieve the utmost in good ergonomics.

TAWI manufactures lifting solutions specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual handling. Our ergonomic lifters are strong, compact, versatile pieces of equipment designed to make quick work of handling many different loads in cleanroom environments. Contact us today to find your lifting solutions for Smart Lifting!