Bag Lifter for Fast, Easy and Safe Lifting

24 January 2018

Effortless bag lifter.

Using a bag lifter is a basic part of many manufacturing processes. However, moving from point A to point B is both physically stressful and time consuming when manually lifting.

Fortunately, there are many ergonomic solutions with TAWI's vacuum bag lifter, so that the hazards of manual lifting can be avoided. Our VacuMove bag lifter can be used to lift, place, split and empty the contents of a bag into large processing containers.

vacuum bag lifter

A bag lifter for various materials.

Most bag materials are air tight so that a vacuum bag lifter can be used to lift and move the bags.

A bag with porous materials can be lifted with a vacuum bag lifter containing a rubber skirt attached to the suction foot to compensate for the air leakage.

vacuum bag lifter

The food industry commonly handles bags of frozen food products. In order to reach far down into a container, a flexed and extended handle is designed with a VacuMove. The uneven surface of a frozen bag is compensated with a rubber gasket on the suction foot.

vacuum bag lifter

Tools for vacuum bag lifter. 

Special tools can be designed with a TAWI vacuum bag lifter to lift materials that are not air tight, such as plastic and jute material bags.

A clam cleat gripping tool to lift plastic bags is a mechanical lifter that uses the weight of the goods to secure the grip. By pressing the hook upwards the operator opens the gripping pads. When the tool is moved upwards, the two pads are pulled together by the weight of the bag pulling downwards, thus creating a secure grip.

For jute bags, a special twin hook tool is used. This custom tool is designed with wheels that when reaching the bag, it moves forward revealing a sharp hook which is used to grip into the fabric of the bag.

bag lifter

TAWI provides a large number of ergonomic lifting solutions. We are aware of our customers needs and develop standardized and customized products that solve specific problems. Fast, easy and safe lifting! Contact us today to find your solution.

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