Lift System for Frozen Food

09 January 2018

A lift system solution for frozen food products

Finding a lift system that meets the standards in the food industry can be challenging. And finding a solution for lifting frozen food products with rugged surfaces is an additional obstacle. A thoroughly proven lift system solution is TAWI's VacuMove that meets the highest standards of functionality and safety.

Lift System for Frozen Food

One of the most popular obstacles in the food industry is finding equipment that is usable in a cleanroom environment. Our lift systems in stainless steel configuration are suitable in controlled environments while the actual vacuum pump can be placed in another room, excluded from cleanroom grading.

Lift System for Frozen Food

The VacuMove lift system also has the ability to reach right down into the bottom of a box to lift frozen blocks of meat. This is accomplished by using an extended and flexible handle and release valve for quick release.

Gripping a bag of frozen food can be challenging as well. The suction foot with rubber skirt tool can be designed with the VacuMove lift system to hold the uneven surface of frozen food products securely in place.

Lift System for gripping uneven frozen food

The manual lifting of frozen food products is just as much of a challenge faced in the food industry. A VacuMove lift system has the capacity to lift up to 600 lbs with ease and efficiency without causing any strain on the body. Operators reduce neck, shoulder and back injuries when lifting frozen food products that are awkward and heavy and workplace efficiency is then improved dramatically.

A VacuMove provides a way to keep employees safe, stay effective, speed production process, and save companies time and money.  The lift system is also easy to install and adjust to suit cleanroom requirements for the food industry. That's what we call Smart Lifting!

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