Lift Assist Device Solves Challenges in the Baking Industry

07 December 2017

A TAWI lift assist device is the solution to the challenges within the industrial baking industry.

Without a lift assist device, the industrial baking industry faces many challenges. Manually lifting bags of ingredients, tilting and emptying containers, and placing ingredients into machines or manufacturing areas can be hazardous labor. An ergonomic TAWI lift assist device solves these challenges.
TAWI lift assist device in a chocolate factory.

A VacuMove lift assist device can lift, place, split and empty bags of ingredients.

The manual lifting of bags of ingredients is often a hazard due to the awkward grip. The TAWI ergonomic VacuMove is specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual bag lifting. It is strong, compact, versatile equipment designed to make quick work of handling air tight bags of ingredients that can weigh up to 600 lbs. This lift assist device is available in stainless steel for clean room environments and secures bags of all sizes to lift, move, and hold them into place in total safety.

lift assist device

A Protema lift assist device can tilt and empty containers carrying baking ingredients.

The TAWI ergonomic Protema unit solves challenges in the baking industry as well. It is available in stainless steel and there are various tilt and empty tools that can be designed with it to meet the requirements of industrial bakeries. This lift assist device can grip containers full of ingredients from the sides, lift them, turn them and empty them into machines that are along the manufacturing line.

Lift Assist Device

An ergonomic TAWI lift assist device is easy to install and can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. The VacuMove and Protema units are both a thoroughly proven to meet the highest standards of functionality and safety. This Smart Lifting solves the challenges within the industrial baking industry.

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