Box Lifting Equipment for Safe, Fast and Ergonomic Lifting

21 December 2017

Box lifter solutions

Looking for a box lifter that can eliminate problems caused by manual handling? A TAWI VacuMove makes box lifting safe, fast and ergonomic in all working conditions and is easy to adjust to suit your organization's requirements. The box lifter is safer both for the operator and for the product being handled. It is designed with suction feet and tooling for lifting and a handle to lift, lower, hold and release the box for smooth and fast box lifting.

box lifting equipment

Box lifting above shoulder height. 

Manual box lifting above shoulder height puts stress on the upper back, shoulders and arms. With the TAWI VacuMove box lifter, lifting above shoulder height becomes safe, effortless and fully possible with the extended, flexible handle. The handle makes it easy to reach boxes with lifting surfaces above shoulder height and the stainless-steel bracket helps position the suction foot correctly on top of the boxes. 

Box Lifter

Box lifter for large boxes.

In order to provide the best ergonomic and safe solution, the handle and suction feet on the box lifter is adjusted depending on the size of the box. The handle is also adjusted depending on whether the boxes will be lifted from above or from the side.

Box Lifter

Box lifter for open boxes.

Different ergonomic box lifting solutions can be designed for lifting open boxes. The boxes can be lifted from the side, with one suction foot placed on either side of the box. The suction feet can easily be adjusted depending on the size and shape of the box too.

box lifter for open boxes

Lifting Several boxes.

With a TAWI VacuMove box lifter, it is easy to lift several boxes at the same time. The size and weight of the boxes determines how many boxes can be lifted simultaneously. The image below displays a special suction foot adjusted for a safe triple-lift where three boxes are lifted and moved at the same time.

Box lifter for lifting several boxes

TAWI provides a large number of ergonomic box lifting solutions. We are aware of our customers' needs and develop standardized and customized equipment that solve specific problems. Our products can be used in a variety of facilities which include manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses, and distribution terminals. A work station that previously required two people to lift and move boxes can now be carried out by one person. TAWI's box lifter is the solution for safe, fast and ergonomic lifting.

Contact us today and we will design a box lifter solution that meets your needs.

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