An Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Improves Bag Lifting

22 November 2017

A TAWI vacuum lifter improves the process of bag lifting in the baggage handling area.

It's that time of year again for heavy traveling and when baggage flow rates will be high in baggage handling areas. This area plays a crucial role in keeping travelers happy and moving bags quickly and efficiently is crucial. As a result, the risk of injuries due to potentially hazardous manual lifting increases. Shoulder injuries from heavy bag lifting are the most common of injuries. But an ergonomic vacuum lifter will remove the strain of this laborious work, thus eliminating manual bag lifting and injuries.

Bag lifting is easy, safe and fast with the TAWI VacuCobra vacuum lifter.

Bag lifting is an area which has traditionally included lots of heavy lifting. With that in mind, TAWI designed the VacuCobra vacuum lifter to speed up frequent bag lifting and make quick work of handling a lot of baggage.

Bag Lifting Vacuum Lifter

The vacuum force of the VacuCobra vacuum lifter secures the suction cup, instantly attaching to and holding onto baggage weighing up to 110 lbs. This allows for total safety when bag lifting.

Bag lifting with a VacuCobra vacuum lifter is an ergonomic, one-handed operation.

The VacuCobra is a strong, compact, versatile piece of equipment that rotates to achieve the highest possible precision of bag lifting. It includes a bottom swivel and an angle adapter that insures full freedom of motion. A detachable quick-release function saves time when releasing baggage too. Also, the one-handed fingertip control on the vacuum lifter is easily adjusted to suit right and left-handed operators. Additionally, a lightweight aluminum jib crane provides a safe and smooth operation. Now that’s what we call Smart Lifting!

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