Lifting Equipment Made Easy

08 November 2017

TAWI's lifting equipment is ergonomic and reliable, designed to streamline the manual handling of goods in any industry. Our lifting equipment is designed with the user in mind, because we believe in making lifting easy for everyone.

Lifting Equipment for Heavy Lifting

TAWI vacuum lifters can handle all types of goods, lifting up to 600 lbs. Giving everyone in the work place the power to lift this weight is a great way of increasing efficiency and flexibility in your operations. When anyone can do the heavy lifting, you avoid unnecessary down-time and secure productivity, no matter who is operating the lifting equipment. Read More...
TAWI Vacuum Lifter
TAWI VacuMove - Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Roll Handling Lifting Equipment

Our Protema lifting equipment is easy to maneuver and push forward making it almost effortless to transport goods to the intended location. This is a great tool for mounting rolls on machine axis.
TAWI Roll Handling Equipment
TAWI Protema - Roll Handling Lifting Equipment

Precise Lifting Equipment

Handling long aluminum profiles with speed and precision can be accomplished using TAWI's hoist lifting equipment. This hoists are available in two models, lifting up to 130 lbs for quick handling or 260 lbs for lifting heavier goods. Read More...
TAWI Hoist Lifting Equipment
TAWI ViperHoist - Hoist Lifting Equipment

Back-Friendly Lifting Equipment

TAWI's vacuum lifters and hoist lifting equipment have been awarded with the AGR Certificate in recognition for manufacturing back-friendly products. The safety of your employees is our number one priority. Learn More...

TAWI Back-Friendly Equipment Recognition

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