Box Lifter with Portable Lifting Device

20 November 2017

Ergonomic Box Lifter With Portable Lifting Device

A portable lifting device is ideal when you need a box lifter to move around over large areas and reach into racks to pick up goods. It is fitting for distribution centers that don't have a centralized conveyor system. The TAWI VacuMove box lifter with portable forklift attachment is a thoroughly proven system meeting the highest standards of functionality and safety.

Portable Lifting Device

The suction foot on the VacuMove box lifter holds the load securely in place until it has reached the floor. The lifting tube is suspended on a swivel and can be operate in 360 degrees. An investment in a TAWI portable lifting device pays for itself as it is easy to install and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different industries.

Box Lifter Portable Lifting Device

In the above picture, the VacuCobra box lifter is mounted to a forklift. Its 3-phase vacuum pump is powered by the forklift battery. This portable lifting device is adaptable to any forklift brand and battery type. The VacuCobra box lifter is designed to speed up frequent lifting and shifting of boxed goods that weigh up to 110 lbs. High precision is achieved with a swivel function integrated in both the top and bottom of the tube lifter. The 360 degree rotation makes it easy to position goods without straining the shoulders and back when lifting the boxes.

Click here for a video of our box lifter powered by a portable lifting device.

TAWI's lifting equipment has been certified for their back-friendly construction.

Back Friendly Lifting Equipment

TAWI manufactures products specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual handling. The AGR seal of approval is awarded to products that had their back friendly construction tested by medical and scientific experts. TAWI is proud to have been certified for our VacuCobra, VacuMove and ViperHoist!

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