An Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Improves Bag Lifting

22 November 2017

A TAWI vacuum lifter improves the process of bag lifting in the baggage handling area.

It's that time of year again for heavy traveling and when baggage flow rates will be high in baggage handling areas. This area plays a crucial role in keeping travelers happy and moving bags quickly and efficiently is crucial. As a result, the risk of injuries due to potentially hazardous manual lifting increases. Shoulder injuries from heavy bag lifting are the most common of injuries. But an ergonomic vacuum lifter will remove the strain of this laborious work, thus eliminating manual bag lifting and injuries.

Bag lifting is easy, safe and fast with the TAWI VacuCobra vacuum lifter.

Bag lifting is an area which has traditionally included lots of heavy lifting. With that in mind, TAWI designed the VacuCobra vacuum lifter to speed up frequent bag lifting and make quick work of handling a lot of baggage.

Bag Lifting Vacuum Lifter

The vacuum force of the VacuCobra vacuum lifter secures the suction cup, instantly attaching to and holding onto baggage weighing up to 110 lbs. This allows for total safety when bag lifting.

Bag lifting with a VacuCobra vacuum lifter is an ergonomic, one-handed operation.

The VacuCobra is a strong, compact, versatile piece of equipment that rotates to achieve the highest possible precision of bag lifting. It includes a bottom swivel and an angle adapter that insures full freedom of motion. A detachable quick-release function saves time when releasing baggage too. Also, the one-handed fingertip control on the vacuum lifter is easily adjusted to suit right and left-handed operators. Additionally, a lightweight aluminum jib crane provides a safe and smooth operation. Now that’s what we call Smart Lifting!

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Box Lifter with Portable Lifting Device

20 November 2017

Ergonomic Box Lifter With Portable Lifting Device

A portable lifting device is ideal when you need a box lifter to move around over large areas and reach into racks to pick up goods. It is fitting for distribution centers that don't have a centralized conveyor system. The TAWI VacuMove box lifter with portable forklift attachment is a thoroughly proven system meeting the highest standards of functionality and safety.

Portable Lifting Device

The suction foot on the VacuMove box lifter holds the load securely in place until it has reached the floor. The lifting tube is suspended on a swivel and can be operate in 360 degrees. An investment in a TAWI portable lifting device pays for itself as it is easy to install and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different industries.

Box Lifter Portable Lifting Device

In the above picture, the VacuCobra box lifter is mounted to a forklift. Its 3-phase vacuum pump is powered by the forklift battery. This portable lifting device is adaptable to any forklift brand and battery type. The VacuCobra box lifter is designed to speed up frequent lifting and shifting of boxed goods that weigh up to 110 lbs. High precision is achieved with a swivel function integrated in both the top and bottom of the tube lifter. The 360 degree rotation makes it easy to position goods without straining the shoulders and back when lifting the boxes.

Click here for a video of our box lifter powered by a portable lifting device.

TAWI's lifting equipment has been certified for their back-friendly construction.

Back Friendly Lifting Equipment

TAWI manufactures products specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual handling. The AGR seal of approval is awarded to products that had their back friendly construction tested by medical and scientific experts. TAWI is proud to have been certified for our VacuCobra, VacuMove and ViperHoist!

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Lifting Equipment Made Easy

08 November 2017

TAWI's lifting equipment is ergonomic and reliable, designed to streamline the manual handling of goods in any industry. Our lifting equipment is designed with the user in mind, because we believe in making lifting easy for everyone.

Lifting Equipment for Heavy Lifting

TAWI vacuum lifters can handle all types of goods, lifting up to 600 lbs. Giving everyone in the work place the power to lift this weight is a great way of increasing efficiency and flexibility in your operations. When anyone can do the heavy lifting, you avoid unnecessary down-time and secure productivity, no matter who is operating the lifting equipment. Read More...
TAWI Vacuum Lifter
TAWI VacuMove - Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Roll Handling Lifting Equipment

Our Protema lifting equipment is easy to maneuver and push forward making it almost effortless to transport goods to the intended location. This is a great tool for mounting rolls on machine axis.
TAWI Roll Handling Equipment
TAWI Protema - Roll Handling Lifting Equipment

Precise Lifting Equipment

Handling long aluminum profiles with speed and precision can be accomplished using TAWI's hoist lifting equipment. This hoists are available in two models, lifting up to 130 lbs for quick handling or 260 lbs for lifting heavier goods. Read More...
TAWI Hoist Lifting Equipment
TAWI ViperHoist - Hoist Lifting Equipment

Back-Friendly Lifting Equipment

TAWI's vacuum lifters and hoist lifting equipment have been awarded with the AGR Certificate in recognition for manufacturing back-friendly products. The safety of your employees is our number one priority. Learn More...

TAWI Back-Friendly Equipment Recognition

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Gantry Cranes Save Time & Prevent Injuries

01 November 2017

TAWI USA is proud to be featured in the latest issue of MHI Solutions magazine. Our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mike Lee, explains the benefits of using a gantry crane system.

Products are moved around within a facility constantly. When workers lift and carry the products manually, they become susceptible to serious risk of injury. Additionally, if the items are exceptionally heavy, it may take multiple workers to perform these tasks. A safer and more economical way to move products around is by using a gantry crane system.

A gantry crane system consists of overhead metal tracks combined with lift assists, cranes and vacuum lifting systems. Gantry crane systems can lift heavy weights but are also popular for lifting as little as 20 pounds.

TAWI provides a gantry crane system consisting of an aluminum track that can be used to move lighter products. Employers would rather their workers not lift products of any weight, in order to prevent injury. With the lighter goods, TAWI provides gantry crane systems and lift assists that are extremely fast, lightweight and compact in size.

Gantry Cranes Reduce Injuries & Manpower

These gantry crane systems help reduce injuries by taking away the manual lifting part of the job and by making the gantry crane systems just as light and easy to use as possible. Workers go from a huge injury potential to almost an elimination of any risk.

TAWI lifts can make the job faster and the operator more productive, but the safety aspect is the driving force behind the investment for a gantry crane system. Gantry crane systems are easy to understand and operate and operators pick up the use of the lightweight gantry crane systems right away. Jobs that formerly took two workers can be done by one in less time than before.

Using systems to do both heavy lifting and repetitive light lifting saves workers time and potential pain.

Read more about our feature in MHI Solutions magazine and click here for more information on TAWI crane systems.