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05 October 2017

Wire Hoist with Customized Tools

The TAWI ViperHoist offers functional design and safe handling for various types of applications. Some of those applications include roll handling, automobile parts, aluminum profiles, plastic containers, wooden pallets, electrical cabinets and many more. The hoist is available for quick lifting up to 132 lbs and also for heavier lifting up to 265 lbs., offering a quick and smooth operation. It is also easy to install and requires very little maintenance.

wire hoist

The ViperHoist can be equipped with a quick coupling, enabling the operator to attach any tool to the hoist. Available tools for the include hooks, vacuums, clamps and other customized tools. Using this hoist allows the operator to lift various types of goods from different angles, rather it be from the side, above, turned or tilted. The operator can also separate the handle from and combine it with an angle adapter for more flexibility and various positioning.

The handles on the ViperHoist are ergonomically designed to provide ease, comfort and smooth movement while operating. The handles are available in different options such as a standard, one handed pistol grip, a joystick control dual and adjustable joystick control. The operator can choose at any point how fast or slow the hoist needs to move with the variable speed control. This is ideal for situations involving various speeds and precise movements.

Hoist control buttons and joystick with hook
Hoist Control Buttons and Joystick with hook
on the TAWI ViperHoist

There are several options when customizing the hoist to suit your needs:

Rolls of tube can be lifted using a pneumatic clamping tool. The tool clamps the roll from the outside and then the hoist lifts the entire roll. The ViperHoist can then be equipped with a dual joystick control handle for safe and flexible operation.

Hoist with coregripper
Hoist with coregripper

A fork tool can be included for lifting wooden pallets. This application is one of the most popular tools, making the difficult manual handling of pallets very easy. The forks are placed under the pallet and smoothly lifted individually. The quick operation and distinct braking action simplifies the positioning of goods.

Lifting pallets with hoist
Lifting pallets with hoist

Burlap and canvas bags can be lifted using a hook tool on the hoist. This is very common in the coffee and tea manufacturing. For natural reasons, burlap and canvas bags cannot be lifted with a standard vacuum lifting solution. The twin hook tool can be combined with the ViperHoist to lift the burlap and canvas bags.

The ViperHoist is perfect for many areas of the automotive production such as the assembly of batteries, lifting tires, car seats and many more.
Lifting tires with ViperHoist
The hoist is used to lift tires
Large bundles of paper bags, using a special tool equipped with two hooks on each side can be lifted. The straps of the bags are grabbed by the hook on each side and lifted.

A tool commonly used in the packaging and distribution areas within the production process, is lifting several plastic containers simultaneously. The operator manually places the hooks under each handle and lifts the containers using the one handed pistol grip. The hoist is effective, precise and designed to handle several plastic containers at the same time.

ViperHoist with clamp for lifting batteries
Hoist with clamp for lifting batteries

The ViperHoist including a fork tool is used for lifting large aluminum profiles, weighing up to 265 lbs. Two hoists can be used to lift the aluminum, one on each end. They can then be mounted on a special crane system with wall brackets, steel gantry tracks and aluminum bridge tracks. An additional quick coupling tool can enable more flexibility and the use of several different tools on the same hoist.

TAWI ViperHoist, is a flexible and fast hoist, making it your best choice for efficient and safe handling. The high quality, great flexibility and low cost makes it easy to choose for the solution to your material handling needs. The ViperHoist was designed with the customer in mind. With our customized tooling options, operators are able to handle a variety of applications.

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