WDA Certified Vacuum Lifts

20 September 2017

TAWI's WDA Certified Vacuum Lifts have helped lift the food industry for many years and it has given us an in-depth understanding of the special demands made in the industry.

September is National Food Safety Month and is a topic that's important to everyone.

Food safety is not just the responsibility of one person, but it takes the entire team working together to make sure food is handled safely. Stainless steel units are often requested in the food industry. We understand the high standards of hygiene that permeate the food industry and we offer a wide range of stainless steel vacuum lifts, well adapted for use in clean and sterile environments, that are WDA Certified.

WDA Certified Vacuum Lift
TAWI WDA Certified TAWI Vacuum Lift

The TAWI VacuMove vacuum lifts are thoroughly proven systems meeting the highest standards of functionality and safety. The vacuum lifts are easy to install and adjusts to suit the requirements of different industries.

Food safety is now synonymous with an operation's reputation. There are many parts that make up an operation’s food safety culture, such as modeling behaviors and training. These pieces combined help to build a strong foundation of food safety culture in your operation.

WDA Certified Vacuum Lift
TAWI WDA Certified Vacuum Lift

TAWI vacuum lifts are strong, compact, versatile pieces of equipment designed to make quick work of handling many different loads weighing up to 600lbs and are approved to lift unwrapped foods. Here at TAWI, we can also offer suction cups approved by the FDA. A custom-made stainless steel application without any screws between the operator's handle and suction cup makes it easy to keep clean. This can be combined with a lift hose manufactured according to FDA specifications.

You have responsibilities to your operation, your managers and coworkers, and your customers. The best way to meet those responsibilities is to keep the food you handle safe and build a foundation of food safety culture in your operation.

TAWI vacuum lifts secure goods of all shapes and sizes to lift and move in total safety.

Contact us today for more information on our WDA Certified Vacuum Lifts.

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