Lifting Solutions for the Food Industry

26 September 2017

TAWI's lifting solutions were recently displayed at the 2017 Process Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

The Process Expo is a global food equipment and technology show hosted by The Food Processing Suppliers Association and our staff was on hand to demonstrate our WDA Certified, stainless steel lifting solutions.
Lifting Solutions
TAWI VacuMove Lifting Solution
On display at the Process Expo was our VacuMove, the original vacuum lifter that lifts, lowers, rotates and tilts loads. It is a versatile lifting solution that is simple to adjust and customize. The flexible vacuum lifter can lift sacks, boxes, sheets, panels, crates, bales, drums and much more up to 600 lbs. With this lifting solution, you can achieve a combination of efficiency and ergonomics that cannot be matched by any other lifting system.
Lifting Solutions
TAWI Protema Lifting Solution
Also on display at Process Expo were our Protema lifters. These electric lifters are easy to maneuver and push forward making it almost effortless to transport goods to the intended location. You can pick up goods from a vertical or horizontal position, rotate, transport, turn and release with minimum effort using this lifting solution. The challenge of increasing productivity and ergonomics at the same is increasingly important for more and more companies in the food industry.
TAWI's equipment is the lifting solution to a more safe and effective handling of goods for the food industry. Contact us today for more information.

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